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Opaque networks
The all-electronic switching network is also called opaque switch networks, in which all the switch nodes are electronic nodes. The advantage of this type of network falls into the following aspects. First, it provides automatic signal regeneration at each node since all the signals have to be converted into electronic formats for switching. Second, it provides good performance monitoring capability as the electronic switch node can look into the detail of the frame that enters the node. Third, it can also provide the capability of subwavelength traffic grooming, which is helpful to improve capacity utilization of coarse wavelength channels. However, because every node needs to carry out signal conversion from optical to electronic and from electronic to optical, a large number of OEO transponders are required, which makes this type of network very expensive. In addition, because the transponders are not transparent to the data rate of optical channel, this kind of networks is also not good at upgradation. New electronic switch nodes and higher-rate optical transponders need to be re-deployed when the network is upgraded to a higher-rate network.
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